Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Kirk/Spock fiction

Fans have written our own history!
is complete in five volumes.

From Rebecca:
"The wait was worth it!!  Legacy is a monumental landmark not only for K/S but for slash and fan writing as a whole. Jenna and the gang, you've made history."

Legacy is not your ordinary all-fiction Kirk/Spock zine. The Legacy project commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of K/S and traces our history with an emphasis on its earliest days. The editors tapped into the recollections of those who were truly there at the beginning of the whole slash movement. 

Read not only brand-new fiction and poetry, see not only new artwork, but also read lively non-fiction articles about the growth of K/S zines, the history of K/S art, the explosion of K/S onto the Internet, and, especially, read the fierce debate that erupted in the seventies over the whole concept of a media-based same-sex pairing.  Flamewars online have nothing over the battle fought in the pages of the early letterzines and zine letter columns. 

PLUS read interviews with many of those who were there at the Time of the Beginning, including talks with Gayle F. (author of the Cosmic Collected, including "Desert Heat"), Carol F. (editor of Thrust), Leslie Fish, Diane Marchant (author of the first published K/S story), Victoria Clark (editor of Nome), Syn Ferguson, Caren Parnes, Darien Duck, Dovya Blacque, Georgia Barnes, Kathleen Resch, Marnie S., Nancy Kippax, Natasha Solten, Noel Silva, Robin Hood, Fiona James, Suzan Lovett, and Valerie Piacentini.

There are more than 550 pages of brand new, never published, never posted fiction in the five volumes of Legacy. Authors were presented with more than forty traditional plotlines that have been used over the years in the fandom and asked to choose one.  You might be surprised at what they picked to write about!

Authors include: Debbie Cummins, Deanna Gray, Anne Elliot, Khiori, Isabol, Jesmihr, Kathy Stanis, Kathleen Resch, Carolyn Spencer, Anna S. Greener, Dovya Blacque, Elise Madrid, Robin Hood, Diegina, A.T. Bush, Patricia Roe, Bethany Hawke and Addison Reed.

From Linda B.:
"Legacy is truly amazing.  It is presented so meticulously, as you would expect of Beyond Dreams Press.  I can't believe what a labor of love this has been for all concerned".  It's such a perfect mix of articles on how K/S evolved, interviews with various people involved in K/S over the last 30 years, and then stories by some of the best K/S authors out there. If you love K/S, this is something that you MUST have!"

From Veronica:
"This is the apex of K/S.  Simply amazing. A masterpiece.  I think I am in shock." 

From Ivy Hill:
"Legacy is a gem - a true legacy of K/S and for K/S. Thanks don't begin to sum up the appreciation I feel for all the research, writing, editing, that everyone involved has done to make this possible."

Pricing for Legacy:
The more you buy at the same time, the more you can save on postage.
Each zine is $22 plus postage. 

Until the Beyond Dreams Press Web site can be updated (this might take a while), please order Legacy via PayPal by sending directly to kszines@aol.com from www.paypal.com. Please make sure you specify which zines you want. You can also order with a check or money order by making the check payable to Beyond Dreams Press and sending it to:

Beyond Dreams Press
P.O. Box 494996
Garland, TX 75049

Buyers must be of age to view and purchase adult material. 

One volume:
$27 U.S.
$31 Can/Mex
$33 Everywhere else

$53 U.S
$62 Can/Mex
$66 Everywhere else

$75 U.S.
$89 Can/Mex
$99 Everywhere else

$97 U.S.
$111 Can/Mex
$125 Everywhere else

$119 U.S.
$133 Can/Mex
$147 Everywhere else
Vol 2 cover

VOLUME ONE (196 pages total, 90 pages of fiction, plus database on CD)
Cover by Virginia Sky.
Art by Liz, Shelley Butler, Acidqueen, Deeb, Ivy Hill
Sacrifices by Kathleen Resch--After the fal tor pan
Thunder and Lightning by Dovya Blacque--McCoy steps in
Standing Down by Addison Reed--Kirk faces retirement through the events of STVI
Going Through the Motions by Anne Elliot--Kirk, Spock, and Vulcan ritual
Poetry by Starshadow
Diane Marchant, Syn Ferguson, Natasha Solten, Suzan Lovett
Zines: The Time of the Beginning: 1976-1985
Art: Scribbling Dribbling Women
The Road to K/S: The Gen Zine Contact
Letterzines: Fans Like to Talk
Letterzines: The Sound and the Fury: Early Lettercols and Letterzines
Transcript: The First Panel Discussion about K/S
The Internet: The Source of the Mississippi: What was First?
The Internet: Online K/S Fiction
Convention Memories
**NOTE: Volume One comes with a K/S Zine Database on CD

VOLUME TWO (202 pages total, 105 pages of fiction)
Cover by Virginia Sky. Art by Virginia Sky, Ivy Hill, Acidqueen, Marianne Mueller
People Like Us by Kathy Stanis--Spock takes Kirk to Vulcan
Trial Run by Elise Madrid--Spock meets Cadet Kirk at the Academy
Twenty Thousand Leagues by Robin Hood--Love under the sea
In the Temple by Jesmihr--The Romulan Commander's revenge
Poetry by Starshadow
Victoria Clark, Cynthia, Darien Duck, Dovya Blacque
Letterzines: The Sound and the Fury: Interstat 1977-1978
Conventions: K/S Con
Conventions: IDICons and 4-Play Con
Letterzines: The Sound and the Fury: Interstat 1978-1980
Zines: 1986: It was a Very Good Year
Zines: 1987: It's Snowing Zines
Zines: 1988: Fetish and a Whole Lot More
The Internet: K/S on Computers
The Internet: Blurring the Lines
The Internet: If They're Called Web Pages

VOLUME THREE (203 pages total, 113 pages of fiction)
Cover by Virginia Sky. Art by Liz, Linda W., Myra, Ivy Hill
It's Academic by Bethany Hawke--Spock is raised by his human relatives
In Sickness and in Health by Khiori--Kirk is not a good patient
An Eye for an Eye by Debbie Cummins--Spock is kidnapped by a man who hates Kirk (Readers are cautioned for violent content)
Anonymous, Kathleen Resch, Gayle F., Noel Silva, Marnie S.
Art: Artists Talk Back
The Internet: Jesmihr: The Journey of One Author to K/S
The Internet: K/S Around the World (Wide Web)
The Internet: Out of the Closet and on to Wikipedia
Letterzines: Not Tonight Spock! Issues 1 to 6
Zines: 1989: I'm Always in the Mood
Zines: 1990: Years Since Alternative and Still Going Strong
Convention Memories: Shelley Butler
Convention Memories: Linda B.

VOLUME FOUR (200 pages total, 128 pages of fiction)
Cover by Virginia Sky. Art by Ivy Hill, Linda W. Myra, Liz
On the Edge by Patricia Roe--One kiss, one embrace on Organia changes it all
T'hy'la by Diegina--Kirk struggles with what "t'hy'la" really means
Storm by Anna S. Greener--When Kirk awakens in sickbay, nothing-or maybe everything-has changed
Fiona James, Nancy Kippax, Carol F.
Zines: 1991-1995: Publisher by Publisher
Letterzines: Not Tonight Spock! Issues 7 to 10
The Internet: Slashcity
The Internet: Who Pays the Piper?
The Internet: K/S Web Sites
Conventions: Are You Out of Your Mind? Putting on a K/S Convention
Letterzines: Not Tonight Spock! Issues 11 to 13

VOLUME FIVE (202 pages total, 119 pages of fiction)
Cover by Virginia Sky. Art by Ivy Hill, Liz, Deeb
Caught in the Web by Deanna Gray--The Tholians hold humans hostage
In the After Silence by Isabol--Kirk questions his identity after Janice Lester
Penalties and Rewards by A.T. Bush--Spock explores his human side
Saying Good-bye by Carolyn Spencer--Kirk cannot accept Spock's death
Poetry by S.R. Benjamin
Valerie Piacentini, Caren Parnes, Georgia Barnes, Robin Hood, Leslie Fish
Zines: Now and Forever: 1996 to 2005
Art: Editors Talk Back
Letterzines: The Sound and the Fury: Treklink
Letterzines: British Letterzines
Letterzines: On the Double
Letterzines: The LOC Connection
Letterzines: Come Together
Letterzines: The K/S Press
The Internet: K/S and Internet Connections
The Internet: Online Awards

Managing Editor: Jenna Sinclair
Associate Managing Editor: Kathleen Resch
Associate Editor for Art: Liz
Associate Editor for CD Database: Linda W.
Associate Editor for Conventions: Robin Hood
Associate Editors for Fiction: Jenna Sinclair and D'Anne
Associate Editor for Letterzines: Dorothy Laoang
Associate Editor for the Internet: Lyrastar
Associate Editor for Interviews:  Kathleen Resch
Associate Editor for Zines: Carolyn Spencer
Staff for Art: Linda W. and Elise Madrid
Staff for Conventions: Brianna Falken
Staff for the Internet: K'Chaps
Staff for Letterzines: K.S. Langley and Starshadow
Staff for Zines: Jenna Sinclair

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