by Katie Forsythe

An April's Journey: Set against "The Reigate Squire", Watson learns Holmes has fallen ill in France, and for another reason than simple exhaustion. 13,600 words.  Adult.

Birds to a Lighthouse: Every story has a Reichenbach, and this is theirs: what did James Moriarty do to cause Holmes to abandon his family for three years? Adult with warnings for violence, abuse, and explicit sex. 54,000 words.

The Conductor of Light: When each face subsequent life-threatening attacks, Holmes and Watson begin a series of ill-conceived and mutual deceptions. 8500 words. Mature.

Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin: Wounded and traumatized by the Afghan War, John Watson falls in love with a detective who is also a remarkable violinist. Connected pieces of emotion and movement, all adult. 27,000 words. 
Hallowed Be Thy Name:  A sequel to Four Minor Interludes, this is a intense rollercoaster of a relationship tale including large elements of Holmes's past.  40, 000 with several mature themes as well as explicit sexuality.
The full story cycle is also available in audio in mp3 or m4b

A Hymn to the Endlessly Falling:  In 1927, a funeral, a wedding, and Sherlock Holmes teach John Watson how to let go. 18,300 words. Mature.

Full of Grace: Oscar Wilde's incarceration, a wedding celebration for Violet Smith, and a pair of dancing men. 19,000 words.

The Greek Lesson: The real version of "The Greek Interpreter" and the impact of those events. 7800 words. Adult.

The Lucky One: Some of Watson's observations of Holmes, set during "The Pearl of Death."  6000 words.  Also in mp3 and m4b.  

A Man of Questionable Morals:  The harrowing aftereffects of Devil's Foot Root poisoning, and how far Sherlock Holmes would go to keep John Watson safe. Warnings for off screen violence and abuse. 16,300 words.  Adult.
The Morning After: It takes longer than a single night to begin a relationship, and the consequences of throwing Sherlock Holmes into a pile of hay. A prequel. 18,200 words.  Adult.

The Measure of Happiness: Is it better to have a piece of the man you love than nothing at all? A first time H/W story with a good bit of Inspector Hopkins. 7900 words.

Sign of Change: Revolving around Watson's marriage and its impact. 18,500 words. Adult.  
Cauldron: A Love Letter:  the eminently satisfying continuation of Sign of Change. Sherlock Holmes dies, returns from the dead, and fights to get his Watson back.. 26,500 words. Also as mp3 or m4b.
Audio versions of the pair in mp3 or m4b.

Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter: Holmes POV, preslash in which Sherlock Holmes is not, by no means--why should you think such a thing?-- afraid of snakes. 11,000 words. Also in mp3 and m4b audio.

Splendid Night:
 A Christmasy spin on MILV with a heart-warming dose of H/W.   14, 500 words. Mature.

Softly and Suddenly:  Holmes exacts a terrible revenge on Watson for marrying. Adult, 15,000 words.

The Presbury Letters: Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, and John Watson battle to survive the Great War.  17,000 words. Also as mp3 or m4b audio.

That which Gives Extras: Intertwined with "The Naval Treaty", Blackmail and misunderstandings abound when Holmes solves a case for one of Watson's former lovers, Percy Phelps. 10,700 words. Adult. Also in mp3 and m4b audio.

Thoughts without Words:  A romance set to music, with a special appearence by Miss Adler. 15,200 words. Also in mp3 and m4b audio.

The Three Favours: mingling "Empty House" and "Norwood Builder" with H/W slash, Holmes is back from the dead and Watson isn't having it, not even when Holmes sends him thrice-daily telegrams and ensnares him in a new murder case. 12,000 words. Also in mp3 and m4b audio.

Twelfth Night: A parody of Forsythian schmangst: how to explain to Holmes that he is in fact homosexual, the effects of alcohol on Watson, and things that make ineffective lubricants. Adult humour, 6000 words.

Undiscovered Country: Culverton Smith's poison box fells the wrong victim. 9200 words. Adult.

The Violet Elephant: Set against NOBL, Lestrade learns something about Sherlock Holmes. 4700 words. Also in m4b audio.

War Crimes: Set against "His Last Bow", Watson, to Holmes' considerable dismay, volunteers for WWI. 6500 words.