by K.V. Wylie

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Ode to a Sheepdog: G, humor, 3KB
A response to a challenge to write a story about cloning.  I saw a cartoon in which Wile E. Coyote became insane after taking on Sam Sheepdog.

Thinking of Lions:  G, 22KB
Spock's thoughts during the episode Shore Leave, told from his P.O.V.   The challenge, given by Tempest, was to write a S/Mc that included a false epiphany.  Some dialogue has been taken from Shore Leave by Theodore Sturgeon. I also suspect I've channeled a scene from the old animated series. The Vulcan mystical poetry is really the work of Jelaluddin Rumi. The lions are mine.

The Solemn Boys: PG for language and suggestiveness, 51KB
Set during The Return of the Archons

The Mysterious Case of the Vulcan, the Doctor, and Some Tribble Be-Gone: 
PG for language, 38KB
Spock upsets McCoy and has to apologize. I got this idea after remembering a post on a ST Usenet group, the gist of which was: "Did anyone notice in 'City on the Edge of Forever' Kirk and Spock had two beds in their room, but one was covered with equipment?" (I wish I could remember who pointed this out.) The idea fermented after I read James Blish's adaptation of the episode. At the end of his story, Spock takes Kirk to Vulcan to heal. This story takes place immediately after CotEoF, but I admit to mangling canon timelines, especially with regard to tribbles.

The Doctor is Not Mislaid:  PG-14, 103KB
For the eighth wave challenge - write a Spock/McCoy which involves a transporter mishap.  Also Uhura/m, Kirk/m

Spock of Baker Street:  Crossover with Doctor Who, adult,  129KB   
Write a story with three pleasant memories and three unpleasant ones. 
Warning: Off-scene death of a 10-year-old boy. Two of the characters were real persons (both deceased).  No disrespect is meant to either man's memory.
For Cliff, who suggested 221b Baker Street.

Nosferatu in Space:  PG for mild violence, gore and non-explicit sex, 167KB
Set after For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky. A response to a challenge to write a Spock/McCoy with vampires and hypnosis. A grateful nod goes to the silent German horror films, "Nosferatu" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," as well as the recent and inspiring Coppola version of "Dracula."

The Realm of You:  adult, 51KB
In response to a challenge and a request. The challenge was to write a S/Mc that used tragedy as a form of self-discovery. (Does near tragedy count?)  The request was to use the word smegma.
This story starts during the episode For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky.
Warnings: fetish watersports, rimming, slight drug use, possible hurt/comfort, and P.O.V. shifts. There are appearances of real people.

A sincere thanks goes to the writer of a story who I would like to credit for the idea of an arranged marriage between McCoy and Spock. His or her story (that I can't find . . . argh . . .) had them married pre-Enterprise. McCoy was young and selfish and Spock was innocent. Does this sound familiar?
  Seeking the Ox: PG, 26 KB
   Set after Amok Time
  Catching the Ox: PG, 26 KB
  Set after Amok Time up to Journey to Babel
  Ox Forgotten, Self Alone: PG, 28KB
  Set during Journey to Babel
  Return to the Source:  PG, 9KB
  Set during A Private Little War and Obsession
  Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands: adult, 17KB
  Set after Obsession
  Dark Side of the Moon:  adult, 31KB
  Continuation of: Entering the Marketplace with Helping Hands


Dream of the Red Chamber: adult, 18KB
(Spock/McCoy fantasy) Set during Spock's time at Gol after the five-year mission.

Going to Gol:  G, 21KB
In response to the challenge: Write an S/Mc explaining why Spock headed off to Gol at the end of the Five Year Mission

Yes: (Prequel to The Sensual World)  PG, 33KB
McCoy and Spock's first time together. This story takes place at the end of the first Star Trek movie.
The Sensual World: (sequel to Yes)  adult,  76KB
Spock learns something about his parents' marriage that is outside his comfort zone.

Priapism: adult, 14KB
I wrote for someone who dared me to use certain words I could never say in front of my grandmother.

Reasons of Compassion:  PG, 54KB
A ritual of death and a ritual of life. Set years after The Search for Spock. Some AU with timelines. If anyone cares: "Siddhur" is a mangled English spelling of an Arabic word which means, "Sir."  
Warning: Character death (not McCoy or Spock)

The Trust of a Bonding: adult,  250KB
This was a challenge given to me by a friend - could I pair McCoy with a Vulcan that was not Spock and make it something my friend would like. So, off to Vulcan we go...


My take on Spock's Pon Farr in three parts.  Set several years after the events in STVI
  They Sent a Vulcan:  adult,  24KB
  Warning: Maybe - it depends how you want to read the ending.
They Brought a Human:  adult,  32KB
  The Old Ways:  PG, AU, 67KB

Teshuvah: PG, 146KB
My challenge was to write a S/Mc about the meaning of life and it had to include at least five references to classical literature. I wasn't sure if Janet was joking (I've since found out she wasn't <g>), and I'm not really up on the classics, so the references I'm stealing are from the stuff I like.
Warning: Slightly AU, Major Character death, pointless angst, and footnotes.

The Secrets of Pine Cones: PG, 58KB
I decided to write from Spock's point of view. It was very difficult. There is a tendency to want to write beautiful words, and Spock fought me on this. As a Vulcan, and as a human, he is precise. To illustrate this is a paragraph from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the  Retired Colourman".
      'The Haven is the name of Mr. Josiah Amberley's house,' I  explained. 'I think it would interest you, Holmes. It is like some  penurious patrician who has sunk into the company of his inferiors. You know that particular quarter, the monotonous brick streets, the  weary suburban highways. Right in the middle of them, a little island of ancient culture and comfort, lies this old home, surrounded by a high sun-baked wall mottled with lichens and topped  with moss, the sort of wall--'
       'Cut out the poetry, Watson,' said Holmes severely. 'I note  that it was a high brick wall.'
I wished to be Watson. Spock preferred to be Holmes.

The Hills of Time:  PG, 8KB
Set past the five-year mission and past Kirk's death on the U.S.S. Enterprise-B.  In response to the challenge to write a story proving the adage, "You can't go home again."  Spock and McCoy have been married since the five-year mission ended.  They live in a house on a mountain on Earth.

Amid a Crowd of Stars: G, 17KB
Set well after the five-year mission

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