This is not standard Sherlockania. Most works linked describe Holmes & Watson in love and/or having sex with each other.  Many links are intended for adults only.

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Not intended as any grand, universal assessment or rating scheme, these are a selection of my personal favorites, as well as some other popular stories of some length. Follow the links in the comments, or the link to the author, for more of their H/W writings--if available.

Absurdly Simple by Irene Adler [R]: A nice voice and an involving story lead to some H/W first-time events--as we would all hope. Also one of the first (and best) H/W slash mysteries to hit the Internet. And there is a sequel:  An Ideal Husband [R]. More of her stories are on Sacrilege!

The Adventure of the Buttoned Glove [PG-13] by Penumbra, who is one of my favorite H/W authors. Her longest H/W to date features her amazing writing, a good mystery, queer content and H/W first-time togetherness. Currently in four parts on the author's LiveJournal, beginning here.  Not to be missed are her two spectacularly written and intensely erotic PWPs Into the Abyss and Instrument of Choice.

The Brigadier's Sword by Drunk in Charge [R]: A fun mystery, nicely written, with rewarding queer and H/W content. Previously available only through membership on Holmesslash, the author has kindly allowed me to present a copy here.

The Case of the Transylvanian Spy. [G] An ACD style case and narration, with some lovely, if occassionally hard, obeservations on relationships.  I liked the balance of conventional canon and slash a lot.

For England, Home and Beauty by Cimorene [NC-17] A variation on the Bruce-Partington plans with rather nice first-time sex.

Homo Ex Machina by Toft [NC-17]  A hilarious and entertaining mix of pastiche, ribaldry, and fan meta all celebrating Holmes and Watson's...adventures together.

The Maiden Voyage of the Steamship Tiresias by shalott/astolat [R] A fairly short "mystery" with a nice voice and a first-time discovery.

Prelude by Cress aka Miss Roylott [R] A novella sized alternative slash version of the first meeting starting from the beginnings in "A Study in Scarlet", but taking a much different tack. Hostess of the Sacrilege! site, she has all of her other pieces available there as well.

The Problem by Cynthia [NC-17] An online staple: novel length with a full mystery as well as relationship development including first-time sex.

Revelations by Pandapony/Hafabulmang: [NC-17]  it is a perpetual problem for me in reading H/W slash in pastiche style in that the works filled with the strongest sentiment and most satisfying exploration of passion must necessarily fail to strike me as convincing emulation of ACD.  While this might not be the most emotionally rich of her stories, it is recommended for a recounting and a narrative style that reads as if the pages fell from my bookshelf with the same self-constrained Holmes as Doyle wrote, yet a glimpse at unplumbed depths.  

A Scarlet Man and the sequel, a Scandal in Baker Street [PG, I think]  by Veinglory  Like most of her Holmes writings, this is dark and often unhappy love, but melts in the mouth like bittersweet chocolate. I like these two particularly as they have more length.

The Secret Diary of Doctor Watson [R] by Pythoness holds a special place in my heart as the first H/W story I fell in love with. It is written convincingly enough to make me believe that Holmes's alleged non-emotionalism was a public farce--not an easy task for a canon ho like me--and that this is the true recount.

A Story Never Written [G] by stackcats.  A refreshing first time story written out of the pastiche style and more as fanfic. Intensely moving and sensual despite the labeled rating.

Sub Rosa by Professor Pangaea [PG] A gorgeous Photoshopped graphical epistolary exchange with Mycroft during the hiatus. No obvious slash, but very satisfying.  Also the pre-H/W Ellipticals, with some interesting insights into what might have been, and the Five Things that Never Happened vignettes are very poignant.

That Which Gives Extras [NC-17] by Katie.  One of my very favorite authors, it's hard for me to pick only one to highlight from amongst all her exceptionally well-written pieces, so I'll pick one a pair of polars.   The first is a gorgeous established relationship fic cleverly intertwined with the events of NAVA told by Watson that is brilliant on several levels.   Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter [PG] is a deeply insightful, sometime humorous, sometime suspenseful, always loving pre-slash/first-time Holmes POV piece that left me awestruck at how she masters the master.

Tokens and Traditions by Violet Nightingale [NC-17] Short erotica stories previously published in print form. The style and  characterization are not at all like ACD's, and I would not recommend it for Sherlockian purists.  Instead, it is a fairly good pastiche of The Pearl staring Holmes and Watson, and is recommended for those who could enjoy that interpretation...but don't expect any more plot than in The Pearl.  

The Unexpected Affair of the Injured Detective  by Mary Crawford. [PG] Classic h/c with the added bonus of such a platform allowing Watson's abilities to shine through.  No, hardly a unique storyline, but one of the nicest uses of it in the fandom, a lovely narrative voice and some very well-done moments displaying the strength of the relationship between them, even before the ultimate and traditional h/c end.

Decoding the Subtext, by Nekosmuse: Extensive non-fiction essays on each of ACD's Holmes stories from a slash point of view.  Reccomended reading for anyone beginning to explore the idea. Some adult content.

Art  by Spacefall. [G to NC-17]  Drawing Holmes and Watson is always controversial, as there are so many  conceptualizations of the literary characters, but I find Spacefall's depictions extraordinary.


Alia: includes Romantic Holmes which is short, sweet and...romantic.

Bevin Gilberth:  Several shorts--some sweet, some kinky.

Brancher: Her journal houses several shorts, including her favorite, Knowledge.  More on Sacrilege!

CBminstrel: An adult pair of stories with mystery plot as well.

Calciumcarbonate: includes H/W/Lestrade 

Charlotte Yonge: Summer of Change

Cimorene: As above.  PWP is also linked from her page.  She keeps a fiction journal as well.

Cottons:  three shorts

Dana Kujan: owner of cox_and_co, with The Tell-Tale Heart and don't forget Evidently, My Dear Watson, her risque drabble.

Deborah's Den: Several shorts in the Wayback cache

Daylyn: On LiveJournal with Returns and Revelations, among many other H/W shorts.

ElenaC: Several short fics on LiveJournal, and also on ff.net such as Slices of Life at 221B

Elina: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson fanpage

Elfin: Includes the angsty A Matter of Trust which tells a lot in a few words.

Erath: Untitled H/W Post-SPEC ficlet and a Holmes/Victor Trevor sequel.

FanfromFla: Her H/W vid, On the Street Where You Live plus The JB bin of Brett pics

Glindalupin: with H/W slash as well as some relationship gen

indigo-blue girl: H/W in a variety of styles

Haldane: Multifandom fiction in her LiveJournal including some H/W not found elsewhere.  Much kink/bdsm

Hanarobi: One story, currently in four pieces.    

Helena Handbasket: Two PG rated mini-mysteries.

J.A. Roberts:  Self-published Holmes & Watson e-books for sale, also H/W fics on Holmesslash as Phantomslick and FF.net as Tony Vernon Smith.

Jane Turenne: Her organized journal with a large number of H/W pieces including a Choose Your Own Adventure

Joanne Soper-Cook: Her mooncradle page is down, but some works like The Book of Secrets can be found Sacrilege! or other archives. She has several shorts in early messages of Holmesslash.  Some such as Down Among The Darkness in three partsSecond Jezail Bullet, and part one of Unwind the Clock. Parts 4, 6 and 7 are cached via Wayback.  

Katie Forsythe: also on LiveJournal and as above

Killalla: Rule of Three threesome with Mrs. Hudson and other H/W flavored ficlets mixed into her multifandom journal

LaClarity: Art and fiction, often combined in presentation.

Lady Charena: Her Sherlock stories are in German only, with one H/W--the romantic snippet Ohne Worte--but the page includes a humorous Holmes/Star Trek crossover,  Baker Street, 221b.

Liederlady: on LiveJournal. Her LION era untitled Riviera romance works especially well for me.

London Lass aka Indyana. Her fiction includes her multipart version of the H/W relationship and her site holds some interesting fan links, as well as the orphan archive listed below.

Love bug 54: Watson's Journal

Lyrastar:   Fin de Siècle seems to be the most popular.  

Lyrical Soul: on LiveJournal

Mary Van Deusen:  Songvids from the Grenada series.

Moonmaid: on LiveJournal

Moustache Wax: A journal. Several very well written H/W fics are indexed under the slash tag.

My Metal Phantom: Several Holmes fics tagged

Nekosmuse:  The Case of the Missing Manuscript.  Well done spackle re: Mary Morstan as well as other fic.  Also with Decoding the Subtext academic essays as above.  

The Nightspore: 

nlr alicia: A large number of H/W stories, many of generous length.

The Old Briar Pipe: Short and well done period fics.

Pandapony:   As above.  Her Watson recovery story Old Wounds is also very popular.  

Penumbra: As above, plus a couple other exquisitely written fics.

Petripuss: Her LiveJournal for H/W fiction

Professor Pangaea: As above, with several other splendidly written fics as well.

Pro Prodigy
: on livejournal

Python:  Several romantic type ficlets, always sweet.

Pythoness:  Her Ravenland page for fiction is down at this time, but see above for The Secret Diary of Dr. Watson archived elsewhere.  Also, four Holmes/Moriarty shorts are on Holmesslash  hereherehere, and here and a more recent H/W third party POV fic by her--Jack's Letter--is here.

Random Nexus: fanfic including a good bit of the 2009 movie.

Red Converse: Fiction in LiveJournal format including Jingleporn

Riley C.: oN LiveJournal

Secret Memoir: a LiveJournal for a fic in progress.  Read in reverse order.

shalott/astolat: As above, plus two more shorts. Her journal is here.

Skylockee: on LiveJournal

Spacefall: LiveJournal with her tender H/W art and some fic

Spikejem: Jem's Bird or Spike on LiveJournal

Steph/Meryln: some fic on her page, but check FF.net as well, or her LiveJournal contains many H/W ficlets and bits not currently indexed

Susannah Shepherd: Includes the steamy Hidden Depths--an interesting twist on canon.

Sweet Sorcery aka Deanna: With Heaven and Hellfire, an opium-glazed threesome with the Duke of Holderness, and other fics.

Toft: With a number of fics including the meta Homo Ex Machina and its podfic recording.

the Callum: on LiveJournal and ff.net.  

Veinglory:  As above.  Her current site is being  updated, there are older pieces on a 2002 site of hers and another old page.  Also on Sacrilege!

Violet Nightingale: As above.  Also, there are four other H/W stories, all of a rewarding  length.

Wolfie_Sara: An index of work on livejournal.

Diana Williams's Music video set to Sister Hazel's Your Mistake.  Handle With Care also has a H/W segment.

Yaoimusings: with several fics, often including Lestrade

Singular Finds: A holding ground for otherwise buried H/Wy bits

The Affair at Baskerville Hall with Watson/Sir Henry as well, by Random Dent
Afoot: by zhiverny, a devious little ficlet in the rarelitslash LiveJournal community
The Aftermath by Quasar273
Angel Unaware:  Sam/Al (Quantum Leap) & H/W first time crossover by Legion
Angsty ficlet: by Speranza from the Shacked Up challenge
Desperate Measures and The Ague: by mific
Drabble: by Piscaria about getting close in close places.
Clueless, short by Almighty Sempai
Finding Sherlock:  Mild BDSM (spanking), by Xanthe
Gumboots by marginaliana--House/Wilson as they discuss Holmes/Watson
H/C ficlet by Kaynyne
He Walks in Beauty Like the Night: by Mycroft Holmes is passworded, but the code is easily obtainable by sending an email.
Improprieties by Lavendar Jade, a H/W/Mary PWP
Insult's Blessing, by Cobalt Blue Kitty x-over m-preg
The Letter: a ficlet by  Sunny Historian
The Letter: a poem by Theo Winterwood
Medical Man: a hot PWP by Fabula Rasa
Musings: by Ellery Nocturne is non-explicit Mycroft/Sherlock, but works for me as pre H/W
Not All Rooms Are Empty: by Farfalla
Out of This Room: by Dorinda.  A fabulous author, I keep hoping for more H/W from her
Precious: by mainecoon, an epilog to the ACD stories.
The Rational Mind, by Sam Storyteller...and also, a drabble
The Return: by Enchantresse.  Unfinished--four parts here.
The Secret Memoir of Sherlock Holmes: a live journal which seems to be dedicated to a H/W WIP
Strictly Method: by Thingswithwings, adult with kink
Stud in Scarlet:  by Executrix with a style playing off of Holmes's circumlocution
Stumble PG ficlet by Endgegner07
They Tell in Their Garlands, by Laura JV
A Valentine Super Mystery by Fyre Gal'XE: badfic by rollerdragon
A Study in Obedience: D/s by Agri Sublunaris
A Well-Dressed Man: by Sam Emme
Wild Reality: by Cicero

Watson Hates Holmes  cartoons by Warren Ellis.
Commentary on Larry Townsend's The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Jianna. In two  parts.
Musgrave Ritual vid by Bomhofed, doneto the Benny Hill Theme.  Suggestive of a slashy kink.
Holmsian and H/W jokes:  Alexandre translated these a little roughly from Russian.  I may clean them up sometime. In the meantime, look here, here, here, and here.


AdultFanFiction.Net:  The Sherlock slash section is intended to be all R or NC-17. Also contains AU and threesome+ categories.

Allaire's Recommendations:  Recs, analysis, links and several classics archived.

The Archive at the End of the Universe.  Heavily weighted to literary fandoms, but not much H/W ...yet.

Briarbrae--The Game: H/W recs with descriptions and an ever so useful--although not exhaustive--link list of many of the fics on the Holmesslash list from March 1999 to August 2003. Most are not archived anywhere else.

Cimorene's rec page:  Her tastes are different than mine, so there is not too much overlap. Nice summaries.

Cox and Co. LiveJournal community and Dreamwidth community.  Some discussion, some fiction, some icons and art. Also comes with a Web page.

Crack Van:  A multifandom LiveJournal fic rec community with both an entry level overview of the H/W fandom and recs.

DeadDetective LiveJournal community for Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century includes some slash content.

Fandomination:  Only one H/W so far, Comfort, and often troubled with poor formatting, still, a girl can hope....

Fanfiction.net>Books>Sherlock Holmes Frequently updated, with much het & gen of variable quality to sift through, it is home to A. Malcolm's WIP novel Confessions of the Master.The default list is of lower ratings but there is some slash such as Sinning.  Some gen fics can be read as H/W-ish, like Bowing Out.  One must request the M [mature] section--where most of the H/W is found--separately, but explicit erotica is not to be archived there. 

Holmes-Watson: Dreamwidth fiction community

Holmesslash: the Yahoo group adult mailing list for fiction, updates and discussion. Also check the photos section for art. The archives are full of fics and snippets that aren't up anywhere else.  Membership is open to interested adults. The The Holmesslash Telegraph  indexes fan works over the past couple years.

However Improbable:  Archive started mid 2006 for H/W slash.  Check Latest Additions frequently as it is  actively soliciting contributions.

IRC Chat:  Server lspace, channel #holmes

Sacrilege!:  Probably the largest Holmes/Watson archive for older and classic online H/W fiction including Irene Adler, Telanu, Veinglory, Kristophene, more JoAnn Soper-Cook, Brancher and more favorites. Contains all of the owner's (Cress's) H/W fics and also some non-fiction essays. Last updated a little in 2002.

Ship_Manifesto Holmes/Watson intro guide

Singular Cases: A fairly large archive graciously hosted by Indyana for orphaned authors as well as some of her favorites.

The Slash Cotillion: Slash fanfiction set before 1959. Search Books/literature/comics>Sherlock Holmes.  [Down and may not be back]

Slashfest: The Sherlock Holmes category is occassionally added to.  Or fill a request.

Wonderful World of Makebelieve: PEJA's huge multifandom slash archive has a H/W section

Yaoi Gallery 221b H/W slash club

Yuletide Archive:  A yearly story exchange project that currently contains several fics for ACD's Holmes, as well as some based on other Sherlockian sources such as Young Sherlock Holmes and Murder Rooms: the Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes.


Kathy Resch Zines:  Friend of My Heart #1 & #2 with quite honeyed characterizations. No Holds Barred #8 is all H/W.   Most of the other No Holds Barred are  multi-fandom, but issue #1 contains the stunning Melody Clark story "Akin to Love" and a gorgeous cover by Caren P.  

NHB# 3 contains two Holmes/Watson stories, one of a pleasing length. There is only one short H/W in NHB #5.

Paean to Priapus:  The Oblique Publication multimedia zines are available online with stories by Jane Mailander and M. Fae Glasgow including The Harbourmaster's Tale. All are in pdf format.  

Cicero's list of fanzines with H/W stories. Most of this list I cannot confirm.  Note that Tokens and Traditions is online and linked above.

Fin De Siècle Detective Club, a Holmes-Watson Romance: by Yotsuya Simone: Yaoi manga in English. 

THIS AND THAT (General interest and reference)

The canon online.  Also here

Sherlock Holmes International:  A huge collection of gen information and fan links, available in other languages.

Sherlock Peoria: a frequently updated page of  general Sherlockania including another timeline and other helpful references.

Sherlockian.net:  Frequently updated new, links, references and more. Or, as the homepage reads:   Everything the Web offers about Sherlock Holmes is here.

Camden House:  A view of Baker Street with scans of all illos from The Strand as well other early sources and several items of audio interest as well.  [Down: partially Waybackable]

Cress's Sherlockania page

Leslie Klinger:  His Sherlockian site--Under the Jackknife-- with links and many of his own articles, including his timeline.

Concordances--check your word usage:  searchable with canon database or  static compiled from canon 

School and Holmes: A non-comprehensive, but extensive and most impressive guide to the published pastiches, cross-indexed extensively by title; characters; historical details mentioned and canon items involved. Also How Not To Write Holmes blooper reels of goofs and unintended Americanisms that made it into print.

Decoding the Subtext: Nekosmuse's essays on H/W in canon

My Dearest Holmes:  a non-explict H/W romance by Rohase Piercy has been republished and is again generally available.  

Sherlockian Quotes: the best of the best.

Public domain Sherlockian movies: for free download via Bit Torrent.  Also, search YouTube for clips, often clips that can be compiled into full length shows.

The Victorian Dictionary: A mini Encyclopedia of Victorian UK

The Victorian Web:  Originally created from Brown University dept. of history resources.

Victorian Information for writers

The Sherlock Holmes Museum: Web presence

The Pearl Online: complete and unabridged :  Nothing at all to do with H/W, but probably the most renowned erotica publication of the era and an invaluable reference for anyone attempting to keep terminology and phrasing historically consistent.

The Online Etymology Dictionary:  cites first known written record of many words--a useful tool in avoiding anachronisms

City of Shadows: 19th Century London and England Through a Glass Darkly:  Website with excerpts and scans from published texts with an emphasis on the darker side of Victorian life.

Holmsian.net: BB forum for general Holmsian discussion.  Doesn't appear to be terribly slash friendly.  Huh.

Wikipedia on Holmes:  or the main article on Holmes himself

A Study in Emerald: From the Shadows Over Baker Street collection. Neil Gaiman writes an alternative version of "A Study in Scarlet", set in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu world. Not slash, but dude! it's Gaiman writing Holmes!

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