Sherlock & globe
100 Words on Canon: A drabble for each of the adventures, plus a couple bonus tracks.  From sweet to silly to bawdy to erotic.  2004.

The Adventure of the Khartoum Affair. [PG-13] A Star Trek crossover mostly set during the hiatus and including other partners.  Humour.  December 2005.  21KB

The Adventure of the Manor House: [NC-17]  A pastiche with a few twists.  April  2004.  280KB

All in the April Evening: [PG] Post EMPT reunion reflections.  December 2005. 10 KB

Author's Notes [R] post-Reichenbach angst. December 2005. 3KB

Bone China: [R] some of the time sometime before LION.  September 2006, 21 KB

Breaking Through Ice: [NC-17] A winter [mis?]adventure. 2005. 42 KB

Fin de Siècle:  [NC-17]   A retelling of a tale through the ages.  September 2003. 110KB

First Kiss: [PG] 12KB

Five Things Watson Missed about Holmes When He Thought that Holmes Was Dead [R] By request 4 KB  September 2006

Into the Arms:  [PG] Do you believe?  Warning for character death. January 2004. 14KB

November 1895: [R]  L'Esprit de temps. August 2004.  10KB

Nunc Dimittis:  [NC-17] Holmes alone and remembering. Kink. April 2005.14KB

Polonaise in B Flat Minor  [R] UST ficlet.  December 2005. 4KB

Redemption: [NC-17] A tale of Christmas past. December 2004. 25KB

To Thine Own Self: [R] Just a little feel good blurb.  December 2005. 3KB

Wintertide: [NC-17] PWP June 2006 5KB

A coalscuttle full of drabbles by request

Special Feature:  Leonard Nimoy in his stage role of Sherlock Holmes