Place your feet up here.

Why not on your shoulders?

That would defeat the purpose.  The entire purpose of the design is to allow me more degrees of freedom while providing you with optimal support.

Support? I'm either going to wind up a pretzel, or the lead item on the news feeds tonight!

I was under the impression that you were a college gymnast.

That's right.  And college was many, many years ago.  Why don't you get in it since you're so keen on this?

Because I wish to watch your face as I pleasure you.

Left foot first?

It doesn't matter.

Easy for you to say; it's not so easy for us old guys.

Shall I call you 'grampa'?

I think the term is 'daddy', and the answer is definitely "no."  Like this?

Lie back and raise your legs higher.

Are you sure this is safe?

Quite.  I evaluated the mechanics myself.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  And you had your Master Engineering certificate by the time you were twelve.

No.  That was computer intelligence.

Whatever.  Just tell me that the ceiling chains will hold.

The ceiling chains will hold.  Put your ankles through here and here.

Hey!  What's that?

Safety restraints.

I'm locked in?

You are secured to prevent accidental falls.

I don't see the damned difference!

I will release the restraints any time you wish, or you can with this control.  Do you wish to get out?

Not while you're touching me like that I don't.

That is the damned difference.  Now, relax and allow the swing to take you.

Oh--  Oh, that's nice.  If you could do stuff like this at twelve, I sure would've like to have known you at thirteen.

You would have been disappointed. 

I doubt it.  I'll take you any way I can get you.  And this is an awfully nice way.  Do that again.  No, not that--what you did with our minds.

Contrary to your beliefs, there are limits to my abilities.  I cannot control this device and a meld concurrently.

My beliefs?  Who said I thought you were perfect,  you green blooded--  Oh, yes, that's nice.  Don't move; don't stop.

Drop your head back.  Let your neck fall limp.

Wait!  I'm getting dizzy.

Stay down; I'll take care of you.

Damn, that feels good.

Let your head drop.

Spock-- Oh…oh….OH!  Oh, I almost forgot how good that feels.

I had not.

Oh Jesus, what are you doing?


I can't! It's too intense…too fast…. Hold me!

Doctor, the proper use of a swing is to swing.

I don't care!  Hold me please!  Oh yeah…like that…that's it…right there…rub my nipples…Spock…OH SPOCK!

Are you okay?

I am uncommonly well.  And you?

Great.  Just great. 

So you might consider using this device again?

Oh, I suppose I could be talked into it--I mean if you really wanted.  Just for you, you understand. Mmm--stay down here; I missed the kissing.

I shall endeavor to recompense you.  Am I too heavy?

Nope, perfect.  Wait, move.  Unlock me.   I need to put my legs down some; I'm getting a cramp.  Oh, better.  Yes.  Oh boy, we made a mess.

The weave is fully washable.

I wasn't worried, a little proud maybe.   Damn, that feels so good.  It tingles when you touch my forehead.

You are perspiring heavily.

That's all your fault, you know.

It was not a complaint.  Perhaps a little pride.  Open your mind to me.

I love you.

I know. Open more.

Goddamnit Spock, why do you always have to go and ruin all the romance with your…

Open more.