It was another beautiful day on the Shore Leave Amusement planet. Palm trees waved leisurely in the light breeze blowing in off the ocean. The young yellow sun shone down hot and direct on the skin of the handful of crewmembers lazing on the sandy beach. Off in the distance a few couples wandered though the park hand-in-hand. On a small hillock overlooking the ocean a hot tub was sunk into a cement platform. Two short flights of steps led up to the tub, each on opposite sides of the platform. Hair piled high, two women sat neck deep in the rolling bubbles, laughing hysterically at some private joke.

"But, do you know what I would really like?" Uhura asked mischievously.

"Yes," grinned Janice mischievously, downing the last of her drink.

Uhura threw back her head and erupted in peals of musical laughter. "I'm sure you do, but I promised Scotty I'd behave down here. He asks for so little from me, it's the least I can do for the man."

Janice made a face and plopped her glass down on the deck behind her. It teetered for a moment, then fell over with a clink. "Oh, it's not like a guy here would be real. He'd be just a fabricated filigment...er, figment of your imagination. Like...just think of it as a deluxe dildo--life-sized with all accessories included."

Uhura chuckled and turned up the dregs of her drink. "Maybe, but think: what if Mr. Right-This-Minute turned out not to be a prefab but another guest? Since they opened this place up as a port-of-call, you never know who's real and who's an automaton."

Janice snorted. "That's easy; if a guy is everything you've always wanted, he can't be for real."

"Story of my life," muttered Uhura. She sucked fruitlessly on the rim of her empty glass, then waved it high in the air.

"Oh, cabana boy!" Uhura called.

"Yes, Madame?" A hard chiseled specimen of manhood appeared on the steps behind them. He wore a barely adequate loincloth and not much else.

The women turned to look. At that moment the breeze picked the single cocktail napkin off the tray he carried and blew it to the ground behind him. He turned around, his backside to the tub, and bent over.

Uhura sucked in her breath and bit her knuckle, eyes wide.

"Oh, my, my, my!" said Janice appreciatively. "Nyota, if you don't want that..."

"Heaven, give me strength," murmured Uhura under her breath.

The bronze idol turned back around. "Is there some way I can please you ladies?" he asked with a smile.

Janice began eagerly, "Yes actually. My friend would like..."

Uhura elbowed her in the ribs. Hard.

"We'll have two pink ladies please," Uhura said silkily.

Janice giggled. She leaned over and whispered conspiratorially, "You know what I'd really like?"

"Make that three." The new voice came from the front steps.

Startled, the women turned around.

"Yes, Madame," said the idol. He disappeared down the back stairs.

The newcomer gave them a dazzling smile. She extended a hand. "Hi, I'm Tawny." She tossed her thick mane of hair and wiggled the terry robe off of her shoulders. It fell unceremoniously in a heap at her feet. Beneath it she was naked. Perfect honeyed skin glowed bright in the sunlight. A triangle of golden curls glistened between her hips.

Janice gaped at her open-mouthed. "I'll say," she managed. For her troubles she got another elbow in the ribs.

"Nyota," Uhura said in welcome. She half rose from the seat and leaned forward to take the pro-offered hand. The roiling bubbles tickled her nipples as she stretched her body across the surface of the water. Last season's bikini was about one size too small and the top barely contained her generous breasts. Instead it pushed them up and out the top in a gracefully rounded display.

"Delighted," said Tawny accepting the hand but staring straight down at the cleavage. She winked and stepped one long leg over the edge to plop down into the tub.

As she stepped her thighs parted giving Janice a front-row view of the rosy folds between her legs. Janice couldn't seem to stop staring.

Uhura looked sideways at her crewmate in disgust. "And Miss Congeniality here would be Janice."

"Hi, Janice," Tawny said with a brilliant smile, "I'm Tawny."

Janice reached backwards and took a large gulp from the pink drink that had somehow appeared behind her. "I think you said that."

Tawny continued to beam. "Yeah, I repeat things a lot. It's what I do."

Janice continued to gawk.

Uhura picked up her fresh drink and sipped daintily through the straw. Breaking through the rapidly spreading silence she asked, "So, Tawny, where are you posted?"

"The NSEA Predator," Tawny answered cheerfully with a flip of her hair.

"Really," said Uhura, now interested. "I haven't heard of her. What class is she?"

"Galaxy," responded Tawny with another flip. "Actually, she was modeled after the Enterprise, but with a few...improvements."

"I'll say," repeated Janice.

"Ouch!" Janice shouted. Glaring at Uhura she growled irritably, "Cut that out!"

Uhura retrieved her elbow and sipped her drink placidly. "So, Tawny, what is it that you do onboard?"

Ignoring the drink that had somehow appeared by her shoulder, Tawny settled back against the water jet at her back. "Communications."

For some unfathomable reason, Janice blushed deep red.

"That, and pretty much what ever the captain asks me to. I'm sort of his personal yeoman." At that, Tawny winked. Janice coughed so hard she spat her drink into the water. Another glass magically appeared by her shoulder.

Tawny slid down the seat to sit next to Uhura. Their thighs brushed side to side. Tawny threw her head back and slid deeper into the warm bubbles until just her face bobbed above the surface. "I just love these spas," she said seductively. "They're so relaxing." Under the water she moved her hand until it rested on the inside of Uhura's thigh.

Uhura's eyes flew open and she sucked most of her drink in through the straw in one ferocious breath. She spread her legs just a little farther apart.

"Aren't they though?" Oblivious, Janice rested her own head back on the rim and closed her eyes.

Uhura looked at Tawny, but Tawny just lazed peacefully, eyes closed, her head rested on the foaming surface, her great mass of hair swirled around her face in wild disarray. A few stray strands clung invitingly to the edges of her forehead. Water droplets glistened off of her eyelids. The spray danced over her face.

Uhura sank back against the cement. It felt rough against her skin. The heady surge of alcohol moved from her empty stomach into her already warmed blood in one seemingly sudden rush. Her head spun dizzy with the heat and the turmoil. Her face flushed and she felt her muscles sink into the gentle lull of intoxication. The bubbles played happily, popping and crackling around her ears. The intense rays of a natural sun baked her face in a way she hadn't felt in the many long months onboard. Her skin was beginning to tingle with the warning signs of too much radiation, but she couldn't be bothered with that now. This just felt too good. Unthinkingly her legs parted more.

Sensing the movement, Tawny sat up with a grin. She settled herself firmly next to Uhura on the bench. Uhura opened one languid eye, but didn't move a muscle.

Purposefully Tawny slid her hand up the smooth thigh to the bend of Uhura's leg. Encountering the flimsy thong, she slid one finger under the fabric and began to stroke the delicate edges of the lips.

Uhura arched her back. The bubbles swirled and danced around her breasts coaxing them into the midst of their capricious play. Uhura took her hands and, under the surface, cupped her breasts and rhythmically began to massage the sensitive undersides. She squirmed and pressed her back against the coarse texture of the tub, the harsh sensation re-emphasizing the softness at her front. The sun burned her neck, her chest. Every part of her boiled hot and ready.

The blood rushed to her groin. Something warm and sticky pushed past her lips and into the thong. Uhura closed her eyes and made a sound low in her throat. At that, Janice opened hers and stared at the ongoing scene beside her.

Entranced, Janice sat watching the top curves of Uhura's breasts peak and fall just at the water's edge. Her hands thrust and parried them to and fro, up and down, with her desire. The tiny bikini top had long since been pushed down and large flashes of dark areola poked and peeked about. Two fingertips surrounded each nipple, teasing it in the way that women who love themselves will. Uhura moaned and shifted her hips, rocking gently on the seat. Janice peered down through the shifting foam. She could just make out the shadow of Uhura's thighs and a hint of the fabric triangle in between. She strained to see beneath the bubbles, but no more than a glimpse of finger or a flash of color ever appeared through the foam. As Janice watched transfixed, Tawny gave her a naughty wink.

Tawny shifted to sit almost sideways on the bench. She hooked a finger around the string of Uhura's thong. She pulled it down around her thigh and slid two fingers up between Uhura's legs.

Janice saw the thrust, heard the moan, and watched Uhura's face contort in pleasure. Her own body responded in sympathy. She reached down and pushed her tiny thong aside to stroke the swollen roots of her own clit. Her breathing deepened as she leaned forward to try in vain to follow the interplay beneath the surface.

With a blown kiss to Janice, Tawny plunged her own fingers deep between Uhura's lips. Uhura groaned and squeezed her breasts hard. One chocolate nipple poked up between her fingers, proud and free. Her shoulders curled and her mouth tensed in a twisted grimace. Looking Janice straight in the eyes, Tawny plunged in and worked Nyota to the edge and over.

Uhura came with a strangled cry, the bikini top pushed and stuck below both breasts by now. As her breathing slowed, she chuckled and stretched languorously. "Somehow, I think even Scotty would approve of this."

But Janice was now in a fever.

"Come here," Tawny ordered in a tone that was not to be argued with.

Janice willingly threw one leg over and slid across their thighs to sit on Tawny's lap, face-to-face. She bent her legs and clamped her ankles at Tawny's hips. Uhura slid aside to make room for the knees.

"Go for it, honey," Uhura said reaching for Tawny's untouched drink. She took a big swallow. A trickle spilled out and ran down her chest. A nipple hardened again as the chill liquid ran over it to end in the foaming water. "You wanted her here, you go for it."

Janice began "I wanted her? What makes you think this was my idea?" She wiggled close to mate her pelvis to Tawny's. "I was thinking of--"

Tawny interrupted forcefully. "Not there, here!" With that she lifted Janice by the ass and tilted and shifted her on her lap to position her crotch directly over a water jet. With a hiss Janice curled her abs and locked her arms around Tawny's neck. Tawny bit strong fingers into Janice's ass and held.

Janice bucked in protest and made a strangled sound, but Tawny's fingers held fast. With an evil grin Tawny held her in place, cunt up against the jet, and watched with evident pleasure while Janice writhed on her lap.

The sensation was incredible. The jet at once hammered her clit and filled her inside setting off a chain reaction like nothing Janice had known before. In seconds she was helpless, paralyzed in the grip of orgasm. She collapsed quivering against Tawny's chest.

"Fan-fucking-tastic!" whooped Tawny. "The only thing that could be better would be..."

A nervous giggle arose from the back steps. Startled, Janice looked up into the pimply faces of three twittering girls. All three wore red, poorly replicated, imitation Starfleet uniform minis and clutched a personal padd tightly to their chests.

Janice hurriedly readjusted her bikini and bounced off of Tawny's lap. She scooted into a bare section of the seat and seemed to do her best to disappear against the edge. Uhura giggled and picked up the new drink that had inexplicably appeared by her outstretched hand. She sloshed half of it into the water, chugged the rest and slid a little deeper into the tub.

"Excuse me, Lieutenant Madison?" the lead girl began nervously.

"That's me," said Tawny with a toss of her head. The still wet hair stuck to her neck. She gave them her brightest smile.

"Could we have an autograph? We all just love your performance." Nervously, she extended a padd.

"Sure." Tawny arose from the foam like Venus from the sea. She strode up the steps and picked up the abandoned robe. The water fell away from her skin in sheets. She ran the edge of the robe through her hair, then dried one ear, and then the other. She draped the robe carelessly over her left arm.

Standing naked before the girls, she extended a hand. "To whom shall I make it out?"

"Ripley," the first girl said.

"That's an unusual name," commented Tawny.

"My given name is really Ellen, but no one calls me that; I just use Ripley."

Tawny signed with a bold hand and passed the padd back.

The other two stuck theirs out as well.

"Helen," one stammered. "Helen Hudson."

"And I'm Dana," said the third.

Tawny passed back the last of the padds. With a backwards giggle, the girls dashed down the stairs and disappeared into the palmetto scrub.

Tawny pulled on the robe and clinched it at the waist. She turned back to the two women sitting stupefied in the tub. "And that, ladies, is how we do it on the Predator." She tossed her still-wet hair behind her ear and marched off down the front steps and down the beach towards the sinking sun.